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FFXI Puppet Master - Playing around with a doll - Dorky Geek

FFXI Puppet Master – Playing around with a doll

FFXI Puppet Master – Playing around with a doll

Final Fantasy XI Zagen Puppet Master Dorky Geek

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I decided to look into playing around with Puppet Master, specifically in Dynamis as it would give the option of focusing on Weapon Skill Staggers over Job Ability ones which are usually over crowded.  My PUP is surprisingly well geared for a job I never really played as well up until I started to dig into it had scared me off as being too complicated.

It isn’t much harder than Scholar or Dancer was to learn and optimize. Although I’m still working on optimizing my play style on Puppet Master.  It’s definitely been a learning curve and having taken it out for a few test runs I guess I should be happy that thus far it has been able to bring in 100+ currency, 123 being my best so far.  When I read numbers from other players using PUP that are in the neighborhood of what my Beastmaster can do solo on a good day (150-200+), breaking 100s isn’t impressive to me.

My current order of things is to start by running up to a monster and take down it’s health to around 80-90% while I deploy Bishop on it with Fire and Light Maneuvers so that he spams Provoke and Flash when they are up. Alternatively if I have over 100% TP then I’ll just use Stringing Pummel and then move on to a new monster and repeat the process. Once Bishop or I stagger a monster I use that one to build up TP to help with stagger attempts on the other monsters with enough health to not get killed by Stringing Pummel. I do this until I’ve stacked about 3-4 monsters on myself and then start the process over again.

I’m not sure if I’m doing something wrong, if it’s my gear (as it’s lacking a bit, see: Aurore body in pic lol), or just all around unfamiliarity of the job and how to play it.  It frustrates me but at the same time I want to keep building it up as the job has always appealed to me for some reason or another.

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