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Final Fantasy XI: Voidwatch: Uptala - Dorky Geek

Final Fantasy XI: Voidwatch: Uptala

Final Fantasy XI: Voidwatch: Uptala

Bizen Osafune Final Fantasy Xi Great Katana

I saw a shout the other day about this needing a DRK, and thought well my DRK is decent enough… By decent enough I mean I have 360+ Scythe and Great Sword Skill as well as both Merit Weapon Skills and all DRK spells for proccing, also fairly decently geared.  So I sent the shouter a tell and got into the group.

Notable Drops:

Image courtesy of Square Enix.

We did 4 runs it was quite fun, and hectic at the same time.  Being new to Voidwatch as I’ve been putting it off until I finish my Apocalypse which is more so a fun/unique toy that I wanted to make but at the same time helps in Voidwatch as it allows me to gear differently.  Well anyways not a single 1 of the procs during the 4 fights was DRK spell, job ability, or weapon skill.  Which was nice as I could just sit there riding Resolution spams.  Highest I saw was 1800ish which was good in my opinion when accounting for the fact the only buffs I had at the time was Yellow Curry Bun and Last Resort. The rest were doing 400-900s the 400s were because it got the -PDT move off.

It’s funny as the joke in Final Fantasy XI is that Voidwatch is refereed to as Logwatch because of all the logs people get. Well I walked away from that run with Bizen-osafune and various ores, ingots, and jewels so for now Logwatch seems more like Goldwatch to me.  Either way I’m glad that the fight wasn’t all that hard to do, although being PLD seems like it may be the easy way to go as all they did was tank the 2 skeletons that spawn with Uptala, not sure if they get good drops or not… I assume they would as I think the drops are based on the alignment bonuses but I could be wrong about that.  Regardless I’d still want Ochain before I offered my PLD as an option.

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